Spend 1 hour each week on making sure your foundations are set. Every single thing you post online, must offer alongside it, a way to take the next step towards working with you. 

If I were to find one of your free classes on YouTube, would I also see alongside it, a link to your online program? If you don't have an online program yet, but you're in the process of developing one, is there a link to the 'coming soon' page where I could add my email address to be added to the wait list?

If I were to find one of your beautiful posts on Instagram, would I be able to click a link in your bio and find your website? or your YouTube channel? or a link to join your Facebook community?

If I were to land on your website, is there something amazing on there that will make your dream student think 'I need that' and then give you their email address to access it? A nutrition guide, a weekly yoga plan, a free yoga class?

Make a cup of tea and spend an hour each week making sure that your posts are directing your students to where you want them to go. The journey should always involve a part where they are happy to give you their email address in return for something free and lovely.


I always sit on a Sunday and schedule my social media posts otherwise I find they just hang over me and I can't focus on other areas of my business.  

Devoting an hour or so on a Sunday evening or waking up early on a Monday morning to plan your posts for the week will put you in good stead for the week ahead.

Use free scheduling tools like Planoly and Later to plot your week's posts.


Networking and engaging is such an important part of your marketing week. I'll be honest, I like to save this for when I have a nice cosy moment because to me, it just doesn't feel like work. However, the old premise that you just don't know what is going to come from you reaching out to just one person is so true.

There are so many opportunities out there for you. If you start just spending an hour each week reaching out to people, engaging with your dream clients and generally being there in LinkedIn groups & Facebook groups offering support and valuable advice, you will be taking steps towards being seen as an expert in your field.

It's been said that if we were to sit and write down all of our network of friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, we would all be able to put down at least 100 people. Imagine if you reached out to every single person on that list, announcing your new online business venture and asking for potential referrals, what could come of just one email!


As well as getting your face out there by networking and engaging, you will also be in exactly the right place to find out what it is people want. In turn this will help you figure out what to write about in your blog or what to talk about in your vlog.

The only way to completely understand your dream student is by interacting with them, hanging out where they hang out and seeing what it is that they want. 

Perhaps you offer a specific yoga practise that really takes your students from where they are now, to where they want to be. A new mum who wants to get in shape, or an athlete who keeps getting injured. 

You will sell more online programs if your yoga practise takes people from A to B and when you can take them on this journey, this is when you can charge a premium for your online program. You are not just selling a class, you are selling an outcome, a benefit and it is one that they truly desire.

By getting in front of the people that you can serve, you will know what they need in their life right now and you will be able to talk to them in their own language and really connect with them. 

By creating content surrounding their pain points or their dreams, you are putting yourself out there and making it easy for your dream students to find you because Google will know exactly what your business is and will reward you accordingly by pushing you up the rankings. It's a complete win win. Oh and one more win! One piece of content a week (or 2 if it takes you longer) will give you the copy for at least 5 social media posts. Laser-focused marketing works a treat!


Marketing your online yoga business is going to involve attracting new students to you and making them love everything about what you do. 

The best way to do this is by creating something of great value to offer them for free. This could be a free class, a nutrition guide & meal plan or a 30 day yoga challenge.

Opting in to receive your freebie will mean that you then build your email list which takes you into the next stage of marketing. The nurturing. Looking after your email list and providing value to them consistently will mean that when your online program is ready for launch, you have people there willing and eager to buy from you.

Before creating an online program, I always recommend that my yoga teachers first create their free offering which will build their email list behind them while they focus on their signature course or program.